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Feedback Forum

Feedback Forum - coming soon.

Student forum


This forum is available for CIPS students to network and share advice, study tips, great case studies, books you've found useful etc. Please feel free to share your ideas and concerns with each other - after all, you're all in the same boat!

Students are advised to always make sure they have the most recent version of the CIPS course books as new editions are released as part of our commitment to continuous improvement.
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Latest Activity: 1 day ago Level 4 CIPS Self Study By Jeniss Paclejan

Experience sharing


We would like to share purchasing and supply management experiences from our members.  Do you have any useful hints or tips to share with your peers? Would you like to share case studies about things that have gone well and not so well throughout your work experience?

Discussions: 49
Latest Activity: 3 days ago Food procurement By Kay Lucy Jefferies

Need help or advice?


Post your work based problems here to see if a fellow member can help you.  Study and exam help is available on the student forum.

Discussions: 322
Latest Activity: 4 days ago Standards By Chris Ward

News issues


Debate the impact of news stories on procurement professionals as they break.

Discussions: 28
Latest Activity: 33 days ago WRONGFUL USE OF THE MCIPS CREDENTIALS By Raymond Afari Sam