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Purchasing and supply articles and resources grouped by topic.

Business change

This topic includes articles on companies and organisations transforming the way they carry out purchasing and supply, and details on how the role of the procurement function is changing in business.

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Fraud & corruption

This topic includes articles on bribery, fraud and corruption in the procurement profession and how to tackle it. It also includes articles on other illegal activity that affects purchasing, such as supplier cartels and price-fixing.

All fraud & corruption articles


This topic includes articles on purchasing and supply from across the globe. You can also find articles specific to southern Africa in the dedicated section.

All international articles

Low cost sourcing

This topic includes articles on sourcing and purchasing from overseas. You can find articles on how to develop a low cost country sourcing strategy, how to develop overseas suppliers and which locations are suitable for different requirements.

All low cost sourcing articles


This page includes articles on all different types of outsourcing and offshoring, including procurement, IT, finance and accounting, HR and business process outsourcing. Articles include how to develop strategy, contracting and supplier relationships.

All outsourcing articles

Public sector

This topic features articles on public sector procurement and supply in central and local government, health, education and the emergency services. It also includes news and analysis of European Union procurement rules, reform and efficiency savings.

All public sector articles


This topic features articles related to all aspects of purchasing, procurement and strategic sourcing.

All purchasing articles

Risk & continuity

This page features articles on risk management and business continuity in procurement and supply. It also includes articles on supply chain risk and how to mitigate against threats.

All risk & continuity articles


This topic contains articles on purchasing and supply chain in the region covered by CIPS Africa - South Africa, Botswana, Lesotho, Swaziland, Angola, Zimbabwe, Zambia, Malawi, Tanzania, Kenya, Ghana, Nigeria, Uganda, Mozambique, Namibia and Rwanda..

All southern Africa articles

Supply Relationship Management

This topic features articles on supplier relations and how procurement and supply professionals deal with vendors. It includes how to build relationships and partnerships, measure performance and encourage innovation from vendors. 

All SRM articles

Supply chain

This topic features all our articles on supply chain, suppliers, the value chain and logistics.

All supply chain articles


This topic features articles on sustainable procurement, ethical sourcing, corporate social responsibility and supplier diversity. These include what sustainable purchasing actually means and how you can develop a plan to implement it.

All sustainability articles


This page features articles on e-procurement, e-sourcing and electronic purchasing. It also includes articles on the buying of IT goods and services. 

All technology articles

Business travel

This page features articles on all aspects of corporate travel such as flights, accommodation, meetings and events, and travel management.

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