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    ‘I work in procurement for a housing association, and I find I get responses from the same suppliers we have had long relationships with. How can I reach out to new, different vendors?’

    08 July 2014

The knowledge zone

    A best-practice model for IT procurement allows for a degree of market testing without the burden of running a full competitive tender process, says Simon Scarrott.

    09 February 2011


    ‘Law’ seems to strike fear into most students, says Patricia Elliot. But any subject can be tackled with the right study methods.

    08 July 2014


    Hannah Windram, category manager in National Grid’s global procurement team, has taken home the CIPS President’s Award, presented to the student with the highest aggregate mark at diploma level at this year’s CIPS Graduation at Birmingham’s Symphony Hall.

    08 July 2014

    CIPS members have agreed for the Institute to make a formal submission to Her Majesty’s 
Privy Council to offer Chartered Procurement and Supply Professional status for suitably qualified and experienced members.

    08 July 2014

    Communication between Congress and students will be a focus for CIPS UK Congress student representative Rhodri Morgan.

    08 July 2014

    CIPS corporate membership can help organisations “remain at the leading edge of procurement”, said John Heenan, deputy head of procurement at NHS South of England Procurement Services (SoEPS), who led on the corporate membership application.

    08 July 2014

    Chilterns branch event; CIPS Congress; and CIPS Australasia.

    08 July 2014

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    I am considering moving from the private to the public sector as the government is pushing for a more commercial approach to the procurement service. What would be the main challenges 
I face if I make the move?