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01 August 2014
Markus Kückelhaus
Markus Kückelhaus is director, research and development at DHL Customer Solutions and Innovation
With the sector expected to be worth $50 billion by 2018 Markus Kückelhaus asks if wearable technology is about to take off in the supply chain.
31 July 2014
Peter Kinder
Peter Kinder is chief technology officer at Wax Digital
In the first of a series looking at the impact of new technologies, Peter Kinder weighs up the pros and cons of the 'internet of things' for procurement professionals and supply chains.
30 July 2014
Phil Lavin
Phil Lavin, sales director, AEB (International)
Using visibility platforms to allow customers to log on, track their orders and check the latest delivery dates can make companies seem more efficient and reliable and increase customer satisfaction.
29 July 2014
Paul Tomany
Paul Tomany, managing director, North Western Universities Purchasing Consortium
Rather than just putting agreements out there for organisations to use, consortia should make more use of pre-commitment says Paul Tomany.
28 July 2014
Alex Martin
Alex Martin
After a fascinating and extremely busy 18 months Alex Martin has completed his MBA. Voted student of the year for 2013-2014, he reflects on what the “short, intense journey” taught him.
25 July 2014
Sarah Windham-Luck
Sarah Windham-Luck
Retailers need to manage their suppliers as efficiently as possible to cope with changing customer tastes and demands, says Sarah Windham-Luck.
24 July 2014
Amanda Earnshaw
Amanda Earnshaw, deputy chair of the Fellowship Committee
In the first of a series of blogs about CIPS Fellows, find out about the ‘Fellows of the Future’ initiative and the Fellows Committee.
23 July 2014
Jon West
Evaluating hotel spend, designing an effective programme strategy and not forgetting employee-preferred hotels are just some of the factors to take into account when reviewing your hotel accommodation sourcing strategy.
22 July 2014
Ben Bird
Ben Bird, a director at Vendigital
The rise of "digital natives" who favour collaboration in the world of business will impact the work of buyers, says Ben Bird, a director at Vendigital.
21 July 2014
Paul Brooks
Paul Brooks is managing director of the BiS Henderson Academy and chairman of Skills for Logistics
The UK government needs to amend the incentives it offers to encourage companies to take on apprentices in the logistics sector to enable businesses to attract the necessary skills, says Paul Brooks.



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