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02 September 2014
Phil Machin
Phil Machin is managing director at Bridge Procurement
In a world of instant communication, don’t underestimate the power of the telephone or face-to-face meeting says Phil Machin. 
01 September 2014
Sue Moffatt
Sue Moffatt is director of the National Procurement Service for Wales, and a member of the CIPS Fellows Committee © Akin Falope
Volunteering for CIPS is not as daunting as people may imagine. It's a rewarding experience and you get to meet some amazing people, share knowledge and build up your network, says Sue Moffatt.
29 August 2014
Nicola Hall
Nicola Hall, managing director at Ingenica Solutions
NHS trusts lack guidance when deciding on what inventory management systems to pick. Nicola Hall lists the considerations that must be taken into account.
28 August 2014
Crispin Mair
Crispin Mair
"Firms need total traceability over their supply chain. In light of recent scandals, zero visibility is no longer an option, it’s imperative they have complete sight," says Crispin Mair, director at Crimson and Co.
27 August 2014
Peter Kinder
Peter Kinder is chief technology officer at Wax Digital
In the third of a series of blogs on the different types of technologies available to procurement professionals, Peter Kinder looks at collaboration tools.
26 August 2014
Mark Woodward
Mark Woodward, CEO, E2open
Businesses need to be proactive and in a prime position to react quickly to supply chain disruptions, says Mark Woodward.
22 August 2014
Ieva Vilimaviciute
Ieva Vilimaviciute is marketing executive at Sedex
International Day for the Remembrance of the Slave Trade and its Abolition takes place this Saturday. But work remains to be done to stamp modern-day slavery out of supply chains, says Ieva Vilimaviciute. 
21 August 2014
Gerard Chick
Gerard Chick, chief knowledge officer at Optimum Procurement Group
"If you’re not an analytical person I don’t think you’ll be an effective contemporary procurement person," says Gerard Chick, chief knowledge officer at Optimum Procurement Group.
20 August 2014
Rhodri Morgan
Rhodri Morgan is an independent procurement consultant and the CIPS UK student representative
The future of procurement and supply depends on nurturing the student population, says Rhodri Morgan, and the Fellows of the Future programme is a great way to achieve this.
19 August 2014
Jonas Schoefer
Jonas Schoefer is a director at working capital specialist REL
Taking things slowly is the key to successful implementation of a supply chain finance programme.



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